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TRANSFORMing Lancaster




Poverty is an economic and moral issue that threatens social justice and quality of life in Lancaster City and across our nation. Our community is taking a stand against this epidemic that is impacting our vulnerable neighbors. The Coalition to Combat Poverty engages the community in order to increase the local understanding of poverty and undergo a problem solving process to make Lancaster City a better place for all.

Poverty is more than an economic and development issue — it’s also a moral issue.
— Lancaster City Mayor Rick Gray
With the right support and community help, poverty can and will be conquered.
— Lancaster City Resident
Poverty destroys the hopes and dreams of our neighbors.
— Lancaster City Resident
None of us can tackle these massive issues alone. If we create critical mass by all moving in the same direction, then we can make real progress with individuals, institutions, communities and policies.
— Commission Chair Dan Jurman