jobs action team

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The role of the Jobs Action Team is to help fill jobs AND reduce poverty by facilitating win-win relationships between:

  • Job Seekers - the 9,000+ under/unemployed adults living in poverty in Lancaster County

  • Preparers -  who support job readiness and training

  • Employers - the 7,000+ family-sustaining jobs employers are striving to fill

We emphasize using success stories of local businesses, educators, community organizations, and individuals as inspirational examples.



Much of the work of this Action Team is carried out through events and initiatives by ASSETS, the Lancaster Chamber, and the Lancaster County Community Foundation, with an emphasis on using successful practices of local businesses as examples. This Action Team provides guidance, support, and speakers/facilitators from businesses that are making a difference.   

Chip Cargas Cargas Systems Co-Chair

Danene Sorace City of Lancaster Co-Chair

Tom Baldrige Lancaster Chamber

Sam Bressi Lancaster County Community Foundation

Jonathan Coleman ASSETS & Lancaster Works

Craig Dalen ASSETS & Lancaster Works

Dan Jurman Community Action Partnership

Jess King City of Lancaster

Anna Ramos Lancaster Chamber

Lisa Riggs Economic Development Company

Cathy Rychalsky Workforce Development Board

 If you have suggestions, please email Chip Cargas at