Private Sector

The role of the Private Sector Action Team is to help fill open jobs AND reduce poverty.

We inspire, educate, and equip business leaders to make a positive impact with:

  • Family-Sustaining Jobs - Organize tasks, empower individuals, and share success so that the pay and benefits of the jobs created are family-sustaining while enhancing the productivity of the business.

  • Community-Enhancing Decisions - Make a positive impact on the business and on combating poverty when making decisions in areas such as hiring, training, purchasing, business location, and local/employee ownership.    

  • Community Organization Partnerships - Through employee volunteering, partnering, and financial support, help community benefit organizations working on aspects of combating poverty that are of particular interest to and/or to the benefit of the business.

We believe in using business as a force for good, creating shared success for employees, customers, owners, partners, and community. Working together, we believe we can create equitable and inclusive opportunities for our entire community.



Much of the work of this Action Team is carried out through events and initiatives by ASSETS, the Lancaster Chamber, and the Lancaster County Community Foundation, with an emphasis on using successful practices of local businesses as examples. This Action Team provides guidance, support, and speakers/facilitators from businesses that are making a difference.   

CHAIRED BY Chip Cargas Cargas Systems 

Craig Dalen ASSETS

Tom Baldrige Lancaster Chamber 

Cindi Moses Lancaster Chamber 

Sam Bressi Lancaster County Community Foundation 

We are seeking to expand the diversity of our team on multiple dimensions, including ethnicity, gender, and people who are making a difference in businesses in different industries, size ranges, and locations within our city and county. We are also seeking examples of business willing to share their successes at filling open jobs AND reducing poverty.  If you have suggestions, please email Chip Cargas at